Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Your internal audience is your first audience.

Your public relations plan starts at home. Inside your business or organization, internal communications is a powerful tool for business success — internally an externally. Do your employees know what your company’s mission and goals? Are they working toward with your business goals? Are your employees the first to know, or the last, about big developments and organizational change?

Chances are,┬áthere are communication gaps in your company culture — especially if you have grown quickly, your leadership has changed or your workforce is dispersed or “on the road.” Forward-thinking organizations use creative tools and strategies to engage people throughout their organization. Interactive employee newsletters and other communications, periodic “brown bag” lunches, informal talks by executives and other well-managed social media can enhance employee awareness, productivity and morale. The employee “grapevine” is a valuable tool for management, and you can learn how to leverage informal employee interactions for the benefit of your business. Learn how top-down and down-up internal communications can help your business thrive.

When your employees are informed with strong internal communications, your company thrives — inside and out. When your staff leaves for the day, they are your best messengers and ambassadors.

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