Why call us?

Why call us?

Call us when you want to tell your story–or manage it.

Why Call Us?

Our communications and public relations strategies support your business ~ inside and out.

EGLahr PR & Media’s public relations strategies help you define your message, support your business strategy and tell your story to your unique audiences. We thrive with businesses that value 360-degree business communications: internal and external messaging and branding, media relations, email marketing, website development and executive messaging.

  • If your company has a public relations problem or more┬áserious crisis — from breaking news to a potential problem — you may need an objective communicator to guide you.
  • If your organization has great news to share, a high-impact innovation or a unique change-agent at the top, we can help you tell the story.
  • If you your website needs a redo, a face-lift, and stronger SEO with a dynamic blog, we can make it happen. We blend our design talents with great writing, storytelling and messsaging to keep your audience on your page.
  • If you are a CEO who wants to jump into the conversation with your expertise, your “blink” instincts and your leadership message, EGLahr PR & Media can write for you, teach you to speak well, and engage with your stakeholders.
  • If you want to streamline your brand and message across a variety of communication tools and platforms — online and in print — we can make it happen.

EGLahr PR & Media tells your stories, in your voice.

Give us a call.