Are You Mobile? Find Out Fast.

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Website-Tool-Ad-EGLahrIn the world of the web, change happens fast. The coolest website can become obsolete if not fed, watered, updated and fluffed.

For instance: Is your website mobile-friendly? In theĀ  bustle of tending to the other demands of your business, you might have lost track of this vital detail. You can quickly find out with this cool Google tool.

How did you do? Hopefully you passed with flying colors since most web browsing activity now occurs on phones and tablets.

Google now favors mobile-friendly websites in delivering up search results for web surfers. For newer websites — those built within the last two or three years, chances are your site is up to snuff or easily tweaked for responsiveness on smart phones and tablets.

If you have an older site, it’s time to get on this. Mobile-friendly sites are happy sites, and with the rapid pace of changes in website technology, you may be in line for an up-do. And you will also want to check the templates you’ve chosen for emarketing, as your old template for eblasting may also be sorely out of step with mobile usage.

Don’t hold back. Check now. Your business may depend on it — not just on your mobile-happiness, but on some other key search engine tricks as well. Any improvement you make on your website is an investment, not a cost, and can only boost your business going forward. It can give you a whole new look and feel — just like getting a new haircut.

We can help. We love great websites and great emarketing.

Posted on July 7, 2015