The Ideal Client

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Housatonic Office

EGLahr PR & Media launched into the new year with a very cool new home in the historic Rubin Mill in the Housatonic enclave of Great Barrington. Our new view over old factory tops, over the rim of our Macs, reminds us that when retro meets techno, great things happen with communications, PR, website development, social media and executive communications.

Recently a colleague asked, “Who is your ideal client?” The answer was easy, since I had just met one: a very busy CEO with some business image and worrisome succession concerns–a top company partner, a major bottom line contributor to the firm, might be leaving. This client was mired in the interior details of running high-functioning business, but wanted to refresh and instill confidence in this well-established business. The big picture was elusive, but I soon gleaned the company’s story — the angle, so to speak — as I listened to the client speak. And sure enough, his outreach angle was right in front of him, in his own unwitting words. “By the way,” he said, “this is our 50th year in business.”

Bingo! We found a news angle for the foundation of five anniversary events throughout the year that would highlight the company’s expertise, work and leadership. We scheduled a series of after-hours events around the region that featured talks by company leaders on topics that entertained, engaged and helped recruit a couple of new company executives. One was a standing-room only event for a terrific presentation.

It’s not unusual: Very busy CEOs and managers simply can’t see their own story opportunities, through no fault of their own. An objective ear and eye, with a loose brainstorming session, can bring a murky picture into focus. The picture gets framed, arranged and presented.

After an hour of talking and listening, we developed a strategic PR plan that will guide this company’s outreach over the next 10 months, through an uncertain transition. Some planned events, media relations, a website facelift and some manageable use of social media are on the menu. We’ll adjust as needed, but we will make an impact with the company’s internal audience and the outside world. We’ll secure the brand and support the company’s history, tradition and achievements.

We have a plan. We look forward to helping you with yours.

Posted on February 12, 2014