Using Video to Enhance Outreach

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We’ve all heard it: Using video to enhance outreach and engagement will boost response to our press releases, marketing e-blasts, social media and other outreach. Adding a video or photo instantly brings your outreach to yet another level — whether as part of a press release, e-blast, blog post, social media share, or other direct-connect.

Real estate broker Audrey Schoenfeld discovered the punch of video while working on a new website with EGLahr PR & Media. She wanted her website to showcase a particularly stunning listing — a rolling estate bordering the Berkshires and New York’s Hudson Valley. She already had the photos for the typical real estate slide show, but Audrey wanted to add more: moving images and music would set the tone, look and feel for this unusual high-end property, which cried out for an extra layer of class and style.

EGLahr PR & Media teamed up with Greylock Productions to develop just what Audrey needed for her listing. Take a look, and see how a certain type of unique property can benefit from including music and video.

Chatham Property
Spectacular Country Estate


You can also visit to check out her new website.

Posted on July 18, 2014